From the recording Us Two (Unicorn)

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You said you like girls, girl let me see something
Send my girl your way let it be something

Don’t be shy now that won’t achieve nothing (Come On)
As I stop and stare imagination running

Grabbing hair, slapping ass, she creaming, she cummin’ (God Dam)
Hold it right there baby, no moving, no running
Mental screenshot of two beautiful women (Whoo)

I want this reality no games no frontin’
I looked over like girl can I see your hand (Let Me See)
She Put her hand up on my leg this was getting goodRight then and there
I knew the mission
Was understood

She starting rubbing my dick against my leg (Whhat)
I immediately start thinking bout getting head (Facts)
Fuck the bullshit, that the corny shit is dead (Forreal)
It’s time to take this shit to the bed

Girl you heard what I said
Girl you heard what I said

Uh trying to hear your body go
Uh sweet sound just
Uh just let do what I do just

You ride my face
She ride my dick (Two On One)

Don’t worry y’all gonna switch (Come On Baby)
Oh shit look at this (Whoo)
Shawty light but she got awhole lot of tricks (Sheesh)
8inches in this bitch
She taking all of this dick (Take That, Take That)
I’m drowning in this place
With all this dam pussy juice in my faceAlright baby let’s switch (Come Here)
Y’all turn, that’s it (Watch This)
They both start screaming out their Cummin’
Would of sworn it was a race and shit (Sheesh)

The look in their eyes
They really into this (God Dam)
Shit me too I don’t want them to quit
The end is near but
I’m feeling this (Fuck)
She on the roster for futuristic shit

Uh trying to hear your body go
Uh sweet sound just
Uh just let do what I do just